An ABC Research Institute polyglutamine disease database

The objectives of PolyQ Database

What is this database for?

  PolyQ Database is a mean to aid in the understanding of polyglutamine diseases.

  As other databases, PolyQ tries to focus on key information and tries conveying it the best way possible.

  This website is a tool for any interested parties with scientific background and knowledge to view general important information on polyglutamine diseases, all in one place.

Why was this made?

Information about polyglutamine disorders is scattered through the internet. One single website regarding the most important information on every polyglutamine disease would prove to be helpful for the science community.

What makes this database different from others?

Until the date of the creation of this database, there is no other polyglutamine database or rare disease database that includes all general information about every polyglutamine disease, some focus on the genetic side of the disease, others on therapy among some others. With the information found from trusted online sources and literature, the most searched information on polyglutamine disorders is consolidated within this website.